Sunday, May 25, 2014

So you want to have dreads?

Ok, I have the finest white girl hair possible... So let me tell you, that's not an issue if that's what's holding you back. My dreads smell amazing; they're not dirty. It is achievable for white people. You can live the dream...

The following pictures were months ago when I started. Let me walk you through the process of STARTING dreadlocks... 

(1) Sectioning. Takes forever. Extremely important if you want even dreads. You section them with rubber bands.

(2) Backcombing. Lots and lots of backcombing. You probably want to bribe people with food so you can get help. I did them by myself. It wasn't fun. It took three days, pretty much straight (except sleeping and barely remembering to eat).

And rubber banding the ends. I'm pretty sure I rubber banded mine way too high up.

This is my first baby dreadie. Don't worry-- the wax makes them look better, I promise.

Like I said...long process. I stopped to do my makeup so I didn't look completely ugly while seemingly ruining my hair...I was half freaking out/half excited at this point.

(3) Applying wax and palm rolling. Clockwise. Palm rolling. Over. And over. And over. Blow dry with heat to get that wax nice and absorbed into your dreads.

[EDIT] Am I messed up or do I have four pupils in this picture? What the...?

See? The wax calms them down. 

This was after three days: they were finally done.

1 week. I could not wait for the rubber bands to go away.
2 weeks. Good way to hide the bands in the mean time.
4 weeks. I wasn't exactly sure when to take those bands off......
6 weeks...but then I did take them out. And I rerolled and waxed...although you're supposed to do it more often...I'm lazy. And I like the neglect look. :]

For a more detailed explanation and step by step instructions about EVERYTHING and products (the one I used) and all that jazz, visit . 

I have an asymmetrical cut so I knew there was a point when I would be doing all of them. THAT TIME IS NOW. 

And to mark the occasion, a shaved head :)
Sectioning all over stuff. 
Stay tuned to watch my dreadies grow.

Or whatever random thing I write next:)

Ohm shanti <3

Rain makers for kids

Monster High Shaker

Things you'll need:
Cup with lid
Sharpie (optional)
2 Rubber bands
Cover the lid with tape for extra support.
[TIP:] All I had was electrical tape, masking tape, and packing would probably be better with duct tape.

I did one row electrical tape, one row masking tape. I colored the masking tape with sharpie and covered the tape in stickers, then covered it all with packing tape so the stickers won't fall off. 

[TIP:] packing tape is incredibly difficult to work with...
Then, I used denim and a rubber band to cover the lid and colored the rubber band with black sharpie so it would match..

I did the same thing on the bottom, and colored the other rubber and with orange sharpie. 
Kaylee is my daughter's name:)
Then I wrote a cute message on the denim!!! 
I probably would have made it look better but I was distracted by my eight-month-old chewing on the masking tape...😁

Please share what you've done to make rain makers :)! I'd love to see them.