Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rain makers for kids

Monster High Shaker

Things you'll need:
Cup with lid
Sharpie (optional)
2 Rubber bands
Cover the lid with tape for extra support.
[TIP:] All I had was electrical tape, masking tape, and packing would probably be better with duct tape.

I did one row electrical tape, one row masking tape. I colored the masking tape with sharpie and covered the tape in stickers, then covered it all with packing tape so the stickers won't fall off. 

[TIP:] packing tape is incredibly difficult to work with...
Then, I used denim and a rubber band to cover the lid and colored the rubber band with black sharpie so it would match..

I did the same thing on the bottom, and colored the other rubber and with orange sharpie. 
Kaylee is my daughter's name:)
Then I wrote a cute message on the denim!!! 
I probably would have made it look better but I was distracted by my eight-month-old chewing on the masking tape...😁

Please share what you've done to make rain makers :)! I'd love to see them.

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